St. Lucia Aerial Tram Tour

The Aerial Tram tour at Rainforest Adventures St. Lucia transports guests up and away from the heat and bustle of the lowlands to an ecological park located in the heights of St. Lucia’s forest reserve.

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16 open-air gondolas ascend noiselessly through the rainforest, offering guests a magical view of nature in its majesty – towering gommiers, impressive chatanniers, and the remarkable phenomenon of the strangler ficus, alighted upon by playful hummingbirds and bananaquits.

Tour Includes:

  • Aerial tram ride
  • Fern Nature trail
  • One (1) Nature Interpreter for a group of eight (8) guests

Tour Schedule

  • Summer Operating Schedule (May 1 - October 31): 8:00 am to 2:00 pm
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
  • After booking, please call our St Lucia reservation team at (758) 458-5151 to confirm your tour time or pick up time from the hotel.
  • Aerial Tram Tour duration: 2.5 hours

The Lightness of Being

“Up, Up and Away on your Rainforest Tours! Flirtatious hummingbirds, impressive buttress root systems, and persistent ficus stranglers reveal themselves on our rainforest aerial tram ride. Cool tropical breezes and panoramic vistas included.”

An experienced Nature Interpreter will point out giant ferns and magnificent heliconia, and identify the calls and the plumage of the birdlife that makes the Caribbean Oceanic forest their home. The descent affords a bird’s eye view of the rainforests St. Lucia offers and a spectacular panoramic vista of the north of the island. With much to see and listen for, this attraction in St. Lucia is a celebration of color and life, and a restorative retreat guaranteed to refresh the senses.


  • Awesome views
  • One (1) Nature interpreter for every eight (8) persons
  • Approved and inspected by Aerial Trams ANSI B77 Code
  • Highest ratings in Health & Safety
  • No fitness limits, for all ages

Note: Walking/hiking shoes for trail (no high heels, sandals or flip flops allowed for trails), suntan lotion, rainprotection, insect repellent, camera, binoculars, travel details for duty free shopping.