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Here's where you can find the latest news, features, and events at Rainforest Adventures in the coolest destinations in Central America and the Caribbean: Costa Rica Pacific (near Jaco Beach), Costa Rica Atlantic (near San Jose), Mystic Mountain Jamaica, St. Lucia, and Panama.

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Rain Forest Aerial Trams Costa Rica Designs Exotic Incentive Programs



MIAMI, FLORIDA (May xx, 2010) – At the adventure parks of Rain Forest Aerial Trams Costa Rica Atlantic and Costa Rica Pacific, incentive and corporate groups enjoy a new menu of programs. Located on opposite coasts of the country, the Rain Forest Aerial Trams Costa Rica utilize the lush and mysterious rainforest for explorations of teamwork, inner strength, biodiversity and Costa Rican culture.

Both parks offer customizable packages, creative activities and facilities fitting for groups up to 150 participants. All packages are designed specifically to help teams engage physically, emotionally and cerebrally, while building unity and trust, essential to success in the corporate world.


Combining the allure of the rainforest with high Costa Rica cuisine, Tastes Like Color is a live dinner show featuring music performances and dances evoking Costa Rica legends. The event takes place in the Rainforest Restaurant, decorated with diverse market stands, handcrafts, flowers, herbs, vegetables and fruits, hanging fabrics and colorful candles, embodying the essence of Costa Rican culture.

The Tastes Like Color banquet is a home-style buffet with a variety of traditional dishes, designed to be tasted in gallitos (tortilla wraps) using fresh tortillas, salads and desserts.

A live show consists of three segments, each evoking Costa Rica ancestral legends: the Dance of Diablitos, The Flowers of Matapalo and the Legend of Zurquí Mount. All are enacted with music and dance. Maximum: 120 participants. Minimum: 40 participants


The Rain Forest Encounter at Rain Forest Aerial Trams Costa Rica combines fine artistic presentations, unique local appeal, wild nature and delicious cuisine for an unparalleled exploration of the tropical rainforest.

A welcome committee of school children greets the group with Costa Rica hospitality and a poetry presentation. Next is a sight-seeing tour on the Aerial Tram with expert guides. Tropical fruit kabobs and refreshing non-alcoholic cocktails are served.

The evening’s first performance presents the words of Mother Nature, as portrayed by a storyteller. Then is the “Awakening” of the rainforest, in which artists portraying animal and insect character emerge from the woods with modern dance interpretations.

Afterwards, guests arrive to the Rain Forest Restaurant for a deluxe buffet. A classical string quartet makes soft melodies. During dessert is the “Butterflies and Raindrops” dance and theater show. A storyteller emerges from a nest and dancers simulate the butterfly’s first movements. At the end, the storyteller liberates live butterflies free into the forest, while each audience member receives their own butterfly to release.

School children give each visitor a small keepsake to remember the night. Maximum: 150 participants. Minimum: 50 participants.


Teamwork is the cornerstone of the Treasure Hunt at Rain Forest Aerial Trams Costa Rica. This event builds on team strengths in a competitive environment using natural resources available inside the rainforest. Challenges have been carefully designed for everyone to participate, regardless of physical condition.

Competitors are cordially welcomed with a delicious cocktail of tropical fresh fruits. Teams are then formed, each selecting an animal mascot, designing a banner, creating a war cry and appointing a leader.

The opening ceremony in the Main Garden begins with a presentation of war cries and banners, plus lighting the competition flame. Teams get a riddle list and board the Aerial Tram for a rainforest tour. Clues are hidden throughout the park, which lead to a treasure map. The first team to find the treasure will be given medals.

The Celebration Banquette is held at the main restaurant, decorated and prepared with beautiful tropical flower arrangements. Guests will delight in a delicious lunch or buffet style dinner, then enjoy festive music and dancing in charge of a known national DJ.

Rain Forest Aerial Trams locations serve as wildlife reserves, ecotourism attractions and research parks with five locations in Costa Rica (Pacific and Atlantic), Saint Lucia, Dominica and Jamaica,. All Rain Forest Aerial Tram parks offer a unique combination of adventure and education. Guides are professionally trained bilingual naturalists. As experts in biology and natural history, they are committed to sharing the secrets and knowledge of the rain forest passed down through generations.

For information or reservations at Rain Forest Aerial Trams, call US/Canada toll-free 1-866-759-8726 or visit

About Rain Forest Aerial Trams

The original Rain Forest Aerial Tram Atlantic was established in 1994 in Costa Rica by H.J. Von der Goltz, a visionary and nature lover. It was the first operation of its kind anywhere in the world, with a unique requirement: it had to be built in the middle of 1,200 acres of dense jungle without impacting the forest. Today, five Rain Forest Aerial Trams located in Costa Rica (Pacific and Atlantic), Saint Lucia, Dominica and Jamaica, serve as wildlife reserves and ecotourism attractions. The exceptional combination of attractions such as the Tram ride, Bobsled and Zip Line plus the experience, training and commitment of a multi-lingual and naturalist guides guarantees an educational, adventurous and unforgettable experience for guests.

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