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Rainforest Adventures Costa Rica Pacific (Near Jaco Beach)

Tastes Like Color: A Magical, Culture-filled Night

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In the Tastes Like Color theme party, guests will enjoy a magical, culture-filled night in the middle of the exuberant rain forest at the Rainforest Adventures park in the Pacific side of Costa Rica. Exquisite decorations represent a colorful Costa Rican farmers’ market. Beautiful tropical flowers, fruit and vegetables sit next to medicinal herbs, sweet treats, fresh food, hand-made goods, incense and dozens of multicolor candles. A mouth-watering Tico buffet is set up for guests to delight in a variety of traditional gallos (tortilla wraps). Throughout the night, live music complements the rhythms of the tropical rainforest, and spiritual dances reveal cultural legends hidden in Costa Rica’s tropical forests.

This special event takes place in our Rainforest Restaurant, with beautiful decorations unique to our facilities. They feature the different stands and shops found in the authentic markets of Costa Rica, including handicrafts, flowers, herbs, vegetables and fruit. Draped tapestries and colored candles add warmth and magic to the moment. With these decorations guests will be amazed to find a central market full of culture, flavors and colors in the middle of the rainforest.

Main Room Market Stands

In the main room stations will represent the various market stands:

  • Flower Shop
  • Fruit and Vegetable Stands
  • Herb Sales
  • Variety Store
  • Dime Store

Event Decoration

  1. Fruits and Vegetables Station- This scene includes a brightly colored vegetable stand, complete withcrates full of traditional Costa Rican fruits and vegetables.
  2. Herb Station - This station allows participants to experience the alluring aromas of the market’s herbs, incense and aromatic plants.
  3. Dime Store - The dime storeis full of traditional objects, such as tops, pots and pans, toy trucks,mirrors, flower pots, and many other small knick-knacks. This stationallows you and your guests to be able to visualize the Costa Ricanmarket.
  4. Corner Store - The cornerstore is used as the buffet’s dessert station. It consists of threetables stacked on top of each other and decorated with desserts, as wellas a crate of local candies, baskets and candles.


To keep the guests entertained during the Tastes Like Color special event, Rainforest Adventures presents a show which consists of 3 Costa Rican legends, portrayed through music and dance: The Dance of the Little Devils, The Flowers of Matapalo and The Legend of Zurquí (Parts I and II).

  • Dance of the Little Devils -Guests will enjoy a mystical, colorful presentation of the Boruca“Dance of the Little Devils". This dance is a custom of the Borucaindigenous community in which they wear scary devil masks to frightenoff the conquerors of their lands.
  • The Flowers of Matapalo -Through delicate choreography, your guests will learn about the legendof a rural family in the town of Guápiles and their relationship withthe matapalo flowers that made the town’s women especially attractive.
  • The Legend of Zurquí (Part I)- This is a real love story that takes place under the moonlight in thehills of Zurquí, when the children of enemy tribes plan to escapethrough the forest to distant lands where they can be free to love eachother.
  • The Legend of Zurquí (Part II)- This version tells the legend of a princess and her friends whobecome butterflies, the kind of butterflies observed throughout themagical summits of Zurquí.


As a souvenir of this event, your guests will each receive a beautiful Boruca mask. This is truly emblematic of Tastes Like Color.

Dinner Menu for Tastes Like Color

Rainforest Adventures offers an extravagant Costa Rican dinner menu for the Tastes Like Color event:

Welcome Cocktail:

  • Fruit drinks, including a traditional fruit punch with diced fruit
  • Pejibaye dip with toasted tortillas
  • Fish ceviche with toasted plantains


  • Cream of ayote

Main Dish:

  • Potato picadillo
  • Arracache picadillo
  • Green-bean picadillo
  • Roast beef
  • Hand-made tortilla


  • Cajetas (sweet candy) of different colors and flavors
  • Fresh fruit
  • Figs
  • Filled grapefruit
Tastes Like Color

Tastes Like Color Event Summary


Rainforest Aerial Tram Pacific Restaurant.

The Event

Dinner and a show, harmonized with music and dances that represent Costa Rican legends. The decorations are full of colors and flavors that allude to the central market.


This is an evening event that starts at 6 pm and ends at 8:30 pm. (Please add travel time to and from the site to this schedule).

Event Capacity

From 25 to 75 guests (please contact us if you require an event of greater or lesser capacity).

The Tastes Like Color special event includes:

  • Invitation cards
  • Event setup and decorations, including audio and lights
  • Welcome cocktail
  • Dinner with special menu
  • Souvenir gift

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