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Rainforest Adventures Costa Rica Pacific (Near Jaco Beach)

Attractions and Things to Do in Costa Rica near Jaco

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At Rainforest Adventures, you can have the best rain forest canopy tours in Costa Rica with our ecotourism park in the Pacific side near Jaco Beach. Come and find some of the most unique attractions and things to do in Costa Rica, and dive in the rainforest’s natural, unspoiled beauty.

The attractions and activities include the Rainforest Aerial Tram, Tranopy Zip Line, Serpentarium, and the Transportation Tour. Each of these expeditions showcases the wonder of Costa Rican nature with unique eco tours.

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Costa Rica Pacific Adrenaline Junkie Tour

Check out our new Adrenaline Junkie Tour! For the price of 1, the package includes 6 activities and things to do near the beach town of Jaco. The Complete Tour includes:

  • Tree-top flight aboard the Aerial Tram
  • Canopy Zip Line
  • Waterfall Climbing
  • Vertigo (Free-fall device)
  • Serpentarium (Snakes exhibition)
  • Nature Trails Trekking, Heliconias and Bromelias Gardens

Prices (with Transportation and Lunch):

Adults: $153.00 USD
Children: $119.00 USD

* Note: Minimum of 6 people to include transportation from San Jose

(with Lunch only):

Adults: $118.00 USD
Children: $88.00 USD

Buy Tickets for the Costa Rica Pacific Adrenaline Junkie Tour

Basic (NO Transportation, NO Lunch):

Adults: $99.00 USD
Children: $69.00 USD

Zip Lining and Tranopy Tour in Costa Rica

Take pleasure in the comforting atmosphere of the rainforest through the Tranopy Zip Line + Aerial Tram tour combo. Glide over treetops for a compelling and exciting way to have a clearer view of the rainforest. Read more about the Tranopy (Zip Line + Aerial Tram) Tour »

Buy Tickets for the Costa Rica Pacific Tranopy Zip Line Tour


Adults: $75.00 USD
Children/Students: $45.00 USD

Waterfall Climbing in Costa Rica Pacific

Enjoy one of the most amazing, exciting and rejuvenating tropical Waterfall Climbing within the Costa Rica Pacific Rainforest. Defy yourself as you face up an incredible 164 feet water current running down your whole body while you try to climb a nearly vertical downstream. With just the help of a safety harness and a rope use your very hands and feet to reach the top completely wet to the bones. Read more about the Waterfall Climbing Tour (w/ Zip Line & Vertigo Free-falling device) »

Buy Tickets for the Costa Rica Pacific Waterfall Climbing Tour


Adult: $60.00 USD
Children: $60.00 USD

Aerial Tram in Costa Rica Pacific

The Aerial Tram features 18 gondolas that give rides to a maximum of 9 passengers each including one bilingual (English/Spanish) naturalist guide for a tour to the canopy and the rich ecosystem of Costa Rican rain forests. Read more about the Aerial Tram »

Buy Tickets for the Costa Rica Pacific Rainforest Aerial Tram


Adult: $60.00 USD
Children/Students: $30.00 USD

Round-Trip Transportation

Rainforest Adventures offers round-trip transportation from the hotel you are staying at to our Costa Rica Pacific park.

Whether it’s Costa Rica bird watching, hiking across gorges via suspensionbridges, or trekking by rolling rivers, come fall in love with therainforest with our Costa Rica Pacific ecology tours!

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