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Costa Rica Atlantic



Buy Tickets for the Costa Rica Atlantic AdrenaLine Zip Line
Adrena Line

AdrenaLine 700-meter Zip Lining Tour - Rainforest Adventure Costa Rica Atlantic

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Rainforest Adventures Costa Rica Atlantic recently debuted its new AdrenaLine 700-meter zip line, a gripping addition to the park’s famed zip line course.

The one-minute AdrenaLine canopy zip line tour packs a punch of speed and adventure, as riders soar 700 meters through the Costa Rica rainforest canopy. The AdrenaLine can be combined with the park’s entire circuit of 10 zip line cables, or just the last three lines for a shorter trip.

Live the unique experience of Adrenaline, the longest zip line cable close to San Jose. Feel your heart racing as you approach the first platform to start the 700 mts. trip through the rainforest above 60 mts. of height. Fly at 55km/h while you enjoy the surrounding environment.

AdrenaLine Tour Includes:

  • Entrance to the Park
  • Transportation within the park
  • Transfer from the entrance to the visitor’s area
  • Expert naturalist guide during your stay in the park
  • Adrenaline, the longest cable experience (700 meters)

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Costa Rica Atlantic Adrena LineAdrenaLine Zip Lining Tour in Costa RicaAdrena-Line - the longest zip lining cable close to San Jose!