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Are you ready to take a rainforest tour? Enjoy the zip lines in the rainforest canopy, ride aboard the gondolas of the aerial tramways, ride on the bobsled, explore the population of birds, trek on the jungle trails, and more ecotourism and park excursion activities in any of our 4 unique and distinct park locations (St. Lucia, Jamaica, and 2 in Costa Rica) and our tours operation (Panama).

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Costa Rica Pacific Tours

Costa Rica Pacific Adrenaline Junkie Tour 

Cost Quantity
ADULTS (Transportation and Lunch Included) $153.00
CHILDREN (Transportation and Lunch Included) $119.00
ADULTS (With Lunch Only) $118.00
CHILDREN (With Lunch Only) $88.00
ADULTS (NO Transportation NO Lunch) $99.00
CHILDREN (NO Transportation NO Lunch) $69.00

Check out the new Costa Rica Pacific Adrenaline Junkie Tour! For the price of 1, the package includes 6 activities and things to do near the beach town of Jaco. The tour package includes:

  1. Tree-top flight aboard the Aerial Tram
  2. Canopy Zip Line
  3. Waterfall Climbing
  4. Rappelling
  5. Serpentarium (Snakes exhibition)
  6. Nature Trails Trekking, Heliconias and Bromelias Gardens

Transportation details:

  • Please note that when booking for the package with transportation fee already included, choosing your Hotel Zone and your hotel in the dropdown box below might cost you additional transportation charges.
  • To let us know where you are staying, enter a detailed information about your hotel in the Comments box below.
  • Reservations Office will confirm your pick up time.

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Costa Rica Pacific Aerial Tram 

Cost Quantity
Adults $60.00
Child $30.00
Student $30.00

The Aerial Tram features 18 gondolas that give rides to a maximum of 9 passengers each including one bilingual (English/Spanish) naturalist guide for a tour to the canopy and the rich ecosystem of Costa Rican rain forests. Read more about the Aerial Tram and Canopy Tours »

Transportation details:

  • Reservations Office will confirm your pick up time
  • If you wish to book for a transportation, please complete the details below.

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Costa Rica Pacific Tranopy Tour 

Cost Quantity
Adults $75.00
Students/Children $45.00

TRANOPY = Rainforest + Aerial Tram + Zip Line! The innovative Tranopy tour combines the in-depth forest view of an aerial tram with the excitement of a canopy zip line tour. A professional naturalist guide will accompany you, pointing out secrets of the primary and secondary rainforest that surrounds you. Read more about the Tranopy (Zip Line + Aerial Tram) Tour »

(No Children under 5)


Costa Rica Pacific Waterfall Climbing Tour 

Cost Quantity
Adults $60.00
Children $60.00

Rainforest Adventures Costa Rica Pacific offers the exciting and rejuvenating tropical Waterfall Climbing. Defy yourself as you face up an incredible 164 feet water current running down your whole body while you try to climb a nearly vertical downstream. Use your very hands and feet to reach the top completely wet to the bones. Read more about the Waterfall Climbing Tour (w/ Zip Line & Rappelling) »

Note: Price per person valid until September 30th, 2014.

Transportation details:

  • Reservations Office will confirm your pick up time.
  • If you wish to book for a transportation, please complete the details below.

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If you're staying in any hotel near Hermosa Beach, Herradura Beach, Jaco, Manuel Antonio, or Puntarenas, we can pick you up for an additional transportation fee.


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