At Rainforest Adventures, we offer Sustainability Programs designed for rainforest conservation, thus preserving it and its secrets for future generations and the Earth. We help everyone learn more facts and information about the rainforest. Our programs reach all sectors of society, from young school children and high school students to adult members of local communities. Together, we can protect and save the rainforests.

"Save the rainforest! Every tree has an angel."

Sustainability is the capacity to endure, the potential for long-term maintenance of many dimensions, including the environment. At Rainforest Adventures, we take our job very seriously — and we sure have lots of fun doing it!

Our canopy zip line tours are an integral part of our rain forest tours. They not only showcase the beauty of the area (and give all our visitors a thrill to remember!), but they also support the conservation of the tropical rainforest. Through our eco-tours and different levels of education, we strive to prevent environmental destruction and its consequences, preserving this pristine region for generations of future rainforest travels.

Among the programs we have in place to assist in our efforts are the following:

  • Reforestation sponsorships
  • A solid-waste management program
  • Employment opportunities for locals
  • Patrols against poachers
  • And more importantly, education programs not only for our neighbors, but also for all the visitors that come to us for their vacations to help them get to know more useful rainforest information and facts.
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