At Rainforest Adventures, we offer Sustainability Programs designed for rainforest conservation, thus preserving it and its secrets for future generations and the Earth. We help everyone learn more facts and information about the rainforest. Our programs reach all sectors of society, from young school children and high school students to adult members of local communities. Together, we can protect and save the rainforests.

"Save the rainforest! Every tree has an angel."

Sustainability is the capacity to endure, the potential for long-term maintenance of many dimensions, including the environment. At Rainforest Adventures, we take our job very seriously — and we sure have lots of fun doing it!

Our canopy zip line tours are an integral part of our rain forest tours. They not only showcase the beauty of the area (and give all our visitors a thrill to remember!), but they also support the conservation of the tropical rainforest. Through our eco-tours and different levels of education, we strive to prevent environmental destruction and its consequences, preserving this pristine region for generations of future rainforest travels.

Among the programs we have in place to assist in our efforts are the following:

  • Reforestation sponsorships
  • A solid-waste management program
  • Employment opportunities for locals
  • Patrols against poachers
  • And more importantly, education programs not only for our neighbors, but also for all the visitors that come to us for their vacations to help them get to know more useful rainforest information and facts.

Initiatives and Effort to Save the Rain Forests and Natural Environment

Many small, rural communities are plagued by underemployment, violence, alcohol and drugs. These problems evolve into environmental problems when people with few resources must turn to the land for an immediate answer.

Our programs aid local communities by helping residents develop the knowledge and dignity needed to meet their needs without degrading their natural resources.

Individuals matter, too. Part of this program is our eco-tourism guide training. We approach local residents, many of who formerly engaged in poaching, logging and other ecologically destructive activities, and prepare them to be eco-tourism guides. The potential guides learn basic English, the properties of the rainforest and other aspects of customer service and interpretation. As a result, some of our most successful guides have come from local communities, instilling values, pride and a viable economic income for these depressed areas.

We also offer training workshops for women in rural communities, where we give them the tools that will help them obtain economic independence within the course of a couple of years.

Sociological Research

Rainforest Adventures works closely with universities in order to identify the origin of social and environmental problems, as well as their possible solutions. In order for us to succeed, we understand that we must coordinate with community leaders. These leaders, in turn, have shown a great amount of enthusiasm and interest in participating in our programs.

Our Conservation Efforts

Save the rainforest! At Rainforest Adventures, we're not just offering exciting canopy tours and activities, but we also promote our sustainability programs to our visitors. Our programs are designed to educate them important rainforest facts and how to protect our ecosystem, thus preserving it and its secrets for future generations and the Earth.

Our park locations in the coolest destinations in Central America and the Caribbean aim to reach to all sectors of society, from young school children and high school students to adult members of local communities. Together, we can protect the rainforest.

The Rainforest Guardians

Given the importance the rainforest holds for humanity, we consider it our duty to help promote its conservation. In addition to educating tens of thousands of tourists and students every year, we offer other programs designed to protect the rainforest, thus preserving it and its secrets for future generations, as well as for the good of Earth. Be part of the Rainforest Guardians now!

Some Ideas Where to Start

We believe in leading by example. Take a look at some of our actions, get some ideas, and get involved in your own community. Your CAN make a difference! If you or your organization wishes to learn more about these and more ways to help save the rain forest, please Contact Us and join the Rainforest Guardians.


Every day, more tropical forests are cut down to make cow pastures. We aim to reverse that trend by offering our Plant-A-Tree and Adopt-A-Hectare sponsorships for reforestation, as well as soil regeneration research for areas whose soil has been impoverished by improper land uses.

These programs help participants develop an appropriate Biodiversity Management Plan that fosters non-destructive uses of the forest. For example, instead of logging or hunting, residents can undertake biological studies, naturalistic tourism, carbon sequestration and hydro-graphic basins protection, among other projects.

These efforts, together with our technical and economic support, have shown impressive results in the maintenance of these ecosystems.

Solid-Waste Management Program

Reusing, recycling and proper disposal of wastes are paramount to keeping our planet healthy. Together with community leaders, we are working to generate a change in attitudes toward waste. For example, in all of our parks we offer solid-waste classification, allowing visitors and local residents alike to see how by merely separating our waste we can reduce the amount that goes to landfills.

Our Composting Program takes that separation a step further, bringing the concept of reusing organic waste as fertilizer to small rural communities.

Rainforest Adventures also promotes highway cleanup projects in order to keep Costa Rica beautiful and illustrate how a small change can make a big difference.

How We Help Save the Rainforest

  1. We are educators: We educate all of our rain forest tram visitors in the importance and necessity of conserving the forest.
  2. We organize and execute bird counts to monitor the populations of species in our forest and the surrounding areas.
  3. We patrol our forest and surrounding areas to make sure we keep poachers out.
  4. We recycle the waste we produce, as well as try to educate our visitors on the importance of recycling.
  5. We offer employment opportunities to people in the local communities. Through this program, we have successfully recruited people who formerly cut trees and hunted wild animals. Through education, they have become successful guides and models for their communities.

Rainforest Saving Tips Links

Below you will find useful resources on how we all can contribute to save the Rainforest.

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