St. Lucia Ultimate Three

Ultimate Three

Aerial Tram + Canopy Zip Line + Rainforest Trail Hike

Nature and Adventure Together At Last!

This new rainforest tour package allows you to experience thrilling and exciting St. Lucia excursions without missing out on the rainforest’s rich wildlife.

Teleférico + Canopy Zip Line + Caminata

Un tour que combina naturaleza y adventura!

Esta tour le permite experimentar la emoción de canopy sin perderse nada de la fauna y flora de Santa Lucía. El Ultímate three te permite hacer 3 tour por el precio de uno (Teleférico, Caminata y Canopy Zip Line).

The innovative Ultimate Three tour package combines the up-close views of an aerial tram with the excitement of a canopy zip line tour. A professional naturalist guide will accompany you along the rainforest trails, pointing out some of the secrets of the rainforest that surrounds you.


  • Three St. Lucia attractions for the price of one (Aerial Tram, Trail Hike & Canopy Zip Line)
  • Only accessible via the Aerial Tram
  • Panoramic views of the Rainforest and North of the island
  • One (1) Nature interpreter and one (1) Zip Line Sweeper for every eight (8) guests
  • Inspected and approved by ACCT (Association for Challenge Course Technology)/International Insurance
  • Highest ratings in Health & Safety

Tour includes

  • Soar, Hike, Glide
  • Aerial tram ride
  • Trail hike
  • Canopy zip line course (9 platforms and 8 lines)
  • One (1) Nature Interpreter and one (1) Zip Line Sweeper for a group of eight (8) guests

Duration: 4 hours


  • Walking/hiking shoes mandatory (no high heels, sandals or flip flops)
  • The Ultimate Three tour is not suitable for pregnant woman or persons with back or neck injuries. It is only suitable for the physically fit and not for children under 12 years of age.

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Adults / Students / Children: $95.00 USD

Lo Más Destacado

  • Tres tours al precio de uno (tranvía aéreo, Trail caminata y Canopy Zip Line)
  • Tour de teleférico con vistas panorámicas del bosque lluvioso y el norte de la isla
  • Un guía bilingüe experto en Naturaleza y otro en Zipline por cada ocho (8) pasajeros
  • Inspeccionados y aprobados por el organismo (Association for Challenge Course Technology) / International Insurance

Tour incluye

  • Tour de teleférico
  • Tour de canopy
  • Tour de caminatas
  • Un guía bilingüe experto en Naturaleza y otro en Zipline

Duración: 4 horas

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Adultos / Estudiantes / Niño: $95.00 USD