St. Lucia Environment Sustainability, Preservation, and Conservation Programs

At Rainforest Adventures St. Lucia, sustainability is the foundation of the rainforest experience.

Our park recycles plastic bottles and assists the International School of St. Lucia with their recycling efforts. Earth Day and other environmental holidays always earn Rainforest Adventures’ support and participation.

Rainforest Adventures leads education, training and environmental programs with the Ministry of Education, Forestry Department and National trust. The park has also helped established a forestry policy for the island of St. Lucia.

Our expert guides visit local schools and camps to provide environmental education. Rainforest Adventures regularly assist in environmental cleanup in the community, beaches, school and library.

Additional conservation activities include:

  • Tram Towers were brought in by helicopters in order to avoid damaging the forest floor
  • Towers were designed and built with an F shape not a T shape that helped save the amount of trees that needed to be cut
  • Garbage control was put in place from day one of planning and construction
  • Sites are smoke free
  • Trams protect the forest from becoming agricultural or commercial / private real estate
  • Offer employment opportunities for community members
  • Educate thousands of school kids that come and visit every year
  • Water saving toilets and faucets
  • Utilize rainwater for toilets and plants
  • Forest-wide composting
  • Minimize use of plastics, straws, and napkins- reusable resources utilized instead
  • Computers used for organization “paperwork” in order to save paper
  • No use of harsh cleaners, bleach, insecticides or other sprays
  • No air conditioners within the parks
  • Training of nature interpreters for the Min of Education
  • Reduced use of electricity
  • Bird and offspring protection from predators by placing aluminum at bottom of trees so predators cannot climb up
  • Organization of tree and garden-planting activities in the park and local communities
  • Allow forest and agricultural departments, universities and scientists unlimited access to the forest for further scientific research

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