Natural Tourist Attractions in St. Lucia

With the exception of Rainforest Adventures St. Lucia, There are many great places and attractions to visit in St. Lucia where you can find a topography and ecology of stunning beauty unmatched by no other location in the Caribbean. The country's ongoing protection and conservation efforts fro the environment and natural resources is the source of its pride in its natural beauty. The island's protected coastal sights include the breathtaking, unforgettable spires of Les Pitons. All sorts of nature hikes, tours, and programs have been developed to showcase these peerless assets, allowing visitors to enjoy the island without harming its complex and fragile environment.

The Pitons

The Pitons in St. Lucia

The Pitons is the primeval twin peaks located near Soufrière topping 2,000 feet. This is St. Lucia's most famous landmark. Only the most daring climbers have gone into a venture up the summits. Located near Soufrière, these primeval twin peaks, topping 2,000 feet, are St. Lucia's most famous landmark. Only the most daring climbers have ventured an ascent to their summits, but they can be seen in all their glory from Mt. Gimie or from the decks of a boat offshore. Read more about The Pitons »

Diamond Botanical Gardens and Waterfall

Diamond Waterfalls, Soufriere

History has it that France's King Louis XVI had bathhouses built for his troops at the natural, mineral-rich Diamond Falls. An invigorating shower under the cascading waters is still a refreshing break. The Diamond Waterfall makes it home at the Diamond Botanical Garden, the oldest botanical gardens on the island of St. Lucia, located in the town of Soufrière, in the South-Western region of the island St. Lucia. Read more about Diamond Botanical Gardens and Waterfall »

Sulphur Springs (Soufrière Volcano)

Sulphur Springs

An enormous crater where boiling black water sprays hydrogen sulfide into the air in St. Lucia is where you can find the “world's only drive-in volcano”, the Soufrière Volcano, also famously known as the Sulphur Springs. This major tourist attraction is located in St. Lucia towards the southwestern side of the island, near Soufrière. The road runs right up to and through the crater of the Soufrière Volcano.

The Soufrière Volcano is now dormant, but scientists predicted that the volcano is supposed to erupt in around 100 years and the impact of the eruption can wipe out 3/4 of St. Lucia. A tour of its bubbly, steamy sulphur springs offers a direct and fascinating lesson in the violent geology of the Caribbean Rim. Read more about Sulphur Springs »

Latille Waterfall and Gardens

Latille WaterfallSwimming in Latille, a photo from Fox Grove Inn courtesy of TripAdvisor.

This beautiful hidden treasure of St. Lucia is filled with luscious fruits, blooming flowers, thriving plants, shading trees, and vibrant waterfalls. Latille Gardens stands off the eastern coast of the island of Saint Lucia. A walk on the waterfall trails or a relaxing night under the moon and stars, amidst the scent of healthy vegetation, are adventures not to be missed. Read more about Latille Waterfall and Gardens »

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