Map and Location: Rainforest Adventures St. Lucia

St. Lucia Map

GPS Map of Rainforest Adventures St. Lucia

Location: Rainforest Adventure St. Lucia is located in Chassin in the Babonneau region found in the North East part of the beautiful island of St. Lucia. Get directions from Google Maps »

Directions to Rainforest Adventure St. Lucia

  1. Take the road from Union up to Babonneau.
  2. Upon arrival in Babonneau (Cathedral square facing the school) take a right turn and immediate left turn (follow the signage).
  3. The road descends to Fond Assau. Upon reaching the T junction turn left.
  4. Immediately after the junction you pass speed bumps and the Fond Assau combined school at your left.
  5. Follow this road for 5-8 minutes through rural communities and past the Creole Park (there are signs on the way) all the way to the Park at the end of the road at the foot of the La Souciere Mountain.

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