Rainforest Adventures St. Lucia 10th Anniversary
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GPS: 13°58’45.57”N 60°55’09.21”W
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Get unparalleled St. Lucia vacations at Rainforest Adventures, one of the coolest destinations in the Caribbean! Learn more about the rain forest aboard the aerial tram, combined with the zip line tours. Try our famous Adrena-Line: one the most exciting zip lines in the Caribbean. Trek through the hiking trails while you go bird watching and more!

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Rainforest Adventures presents vibrant entertainment options, celebrating nature, cuisine and culture. Special events are designed by the park and set within the heart of the rainforest. Family-friendly programs are a delight for all ages. Click here for more info »

Top Attractions and Things to Do in St. Lucia

Ultimate Three

Nature and Adventure Together At Last! This new adventure allows you to experience the thrill of zip lining in St. Lucia without missing out on the rainforest’s rich wildlife. The Ultimate Three includes three attractions for the price of one (Aerial Tram, Rainforest Trails & Canopy Zip Line).

Starting from: $95

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Adrena-Line Zip Line

Mama’s Boys Need Not Apply!

Get hitched up to a series of cables and zip from platform to platform in the tree canopy and swing like Tarzan or Jane.

Starting from: $80

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Aerial Tram

The Rainforest Aerial Tram transports guests up and away from the heat and bustle of the lowlands to an ecological park located in the heights of St. Lucia’s forest reserve. Sixteen open-air gondolas ascend noiselessly through the rainforest, offering guests a magical view of nature in its majesty – towering gommiers, impressive chatanniers, and the remarkable phenomenon of the strangler ficus, alighted upon by playful hummingbirds and bananaquits.

Starting from: $80

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Bird Watching

The bird watching tour at Rainforest Adventures is designed to engage everyone from the serious birder to the casual enthusiast. The tour sets off just after sunrise to ensure the best sightings. Experienced Nature Interpreters guide you through the forest pointing out signature calls and keeping eyes peeled for even the most elusive of birds.

Starting from: $60

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Jacquot Trail

Named for St. Lucia's proud symbol, the Jacquot or Amazona Versicolor parrot, the Jacquot Trail immerses hikers in the wonder of the island's best asset: NATURE. The hike affords wonderful opportunities to learn about St. Lucia's flora and fauna as an experienced Nature Interpreter guides you across ravines and creeks deeper into St. Lucia’s oldest protected rainforest reserve since 1916.

Starting from: $45

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