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The Best Tours in Panama - Rainforest Adventures by Panama Excursions

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Together with Rainforest Adventures, come travel to Panama, one of the coolest tourist destinations in Central America, and discover an abundance of wildlife in the country’s many national parks, an abundance of white sand beaches, hundreds of islands, more banks and shops than you would have dreamed possible, and, of course, a fantastic quantity of fresh seafood, including fish. Exciting Panama Canal cruises takes you to the rich ecosystem of the country’s rainforests and let you have a glance of many beautiful attractions in Panama.

Guided visits to Panama City where you can have the opportunity to learn more about the history, culture, and more valuable information about Panama, the country that connects South America with Central America. Great tours await you as we cooperate with famous hotels in Panama in bringing you the best about the country considered as America’s best kept secret. Enjoy rest of your vacation to Panama!

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Panama City Tour Package

The Best of Panama Tour Package

The Best of Panama Tour Package - Discover the best of Panama with a private transportation and tour guide. This 6-day tour includes: (Day 1) Airport transfer to hotel; (Day 2) Ocean to Ocean by Railway and Eco Cruise, Gatun Locks; (Day 3) Panama Canal Full Transit; (Day 4) The Shaping of Panama and Miraflores Locks; (Day 5) Authentic Embera Indian Village; and (Day 6) Transfer from the hotel to the airport for departure.

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Adults/Children: $687.50 USD

Panama Canal Tours

Panama Canal Full/Partial Transit

Panama Canal Full/Partial Transit - Scenic boat ride of the Panama Canal: A Short transfer that will take you to the Pacific entrance of the Panama Canal to board a small canal pleasure boat where you will commence your partial canal transit, traversing Miraflores Locks and Pedro Miguel Locks. Your vessel will be raised 85 feet above sea level!

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Adults/Children: $179.00 USD

Ocean to Ocean by Railway

Ocean to Ocean by Railway - Scenic ride on board the Panama Canal Railway: Enjoy fantastic views of the busy Panama Canal whilst in the middle of deep tropical jungle.

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Adults/Children: $125.00 USD

Nature "Eco" Tours

Eco Cruise on Gatun Lake

Eco Cruise on Gatun Lake - 1 and a half hour boat ride on the Gatun Lake: Cruise the back channels, island and bays that make up this unique ecosystem. Glide past lush rainforests to a secluded region of the lake and witness first-hand the splendor and excitement of the jungle.

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Adults/Children: $59.00 USD

Panama City Tours

Colonial Panama and Miraflores Locks

Colonial Panama and Miraflores Locks - Guided visit to the Miraflores Locks - Take this opportunity to pause and view the gargantuan ships that make their way through the Panama Canal and visit the four exhibition halls, organized by themes that constitute the heart of the Miraflores Visitors Center.

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Adults/Children: $53.00 USD

The Shaping of Panama

The Shaping of Panama - Guided visit to Colonial Panama: Visit a beautiful vaulted promenade known as Las Bovedas and the French Plaza , a number of old houses and other attractions can be found in the downtown district. Appreciate the many changes of the city by viewing its unique architecture, influenced by a wonderful blend of French, Spanish and Italian styles.

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Adults/Children: $51.00 USD

Cultural Tours

Authentic Embera Indian Village

Authentic Embera Indian Village - Guided cultural experience: This tour was designed for you to step aboard a time machine and travel back more than 600 years; a journey into the lives of the Embera Indian Tribe.

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Adults/Children: $125.00 USD

Highlights and Treasures of Panama

Highlights and Treasures of Panama - Guided visit to Old Panama: see the ruins of the churches and convents, colonial palaces, bridges and military buildings that attest to the grandiose past of this city, and also experience viewing the “lost wax process”, a signature trademark in artisanship.

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Adults/Children: $55.00 USD

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