Handicrafts of Panama

A Kuna Woman sewing a Mola, famous handicraft of Panama

Discovering the exciting culture of Panama is not complete without looking into the country’s famous handicrafts. These items are some of the highlights of the Panama tours that attract tourists to travel to Panama and find out more information about the country.

Panama’s handicraft markets brim with dozens of artistic items, the handiwork of its creative Indian population.


Fish design on a Mola, a Panamanian handicraft A Mola with a Macaw design, made by Kuna Indians in Panama

Molas are intricate reverse embroidery needle work hand sewn by the Kuna Indians of the San Blas Islands that are sold as cloth wall hanging and decorations on everything from shirts to purses.

Tagua Carvings

Tagua Carving Carved figures of Panamanian wildlife

Tagua Carvings are delightful figures of Panamanian wildlife carved from small tagua nuts known as “vegetable ivory”.

Embera Woven Baskets

Embera Woven Baskets Another Woven Basket made by Embera Indians. A woven basket resembling a head of a bird, made by Embera Indians in Panama.

These are perfect baskets tightly woven of palm leaves and dyed exclusively using natural dyes from the jungle.

Handicrafts of Panama Embera Woven Baskets Molas hand sewn by the Kuna Indians.

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