Natural Tourist Attractions Nearby in Ocho Rios

When you go on a rain forest vacation at the Rainforest Adventures in Mystic Mountain, you can have a chance to visit the other natural charms of Ocho Rios Jamaica, especially the Dunn's River Falls that is the main source of the town's fame. Ocho Rios is a home to many natural attractions such as waterfalls like the very well-known Dunn's River Falls, gardens and wildlife areas.

Dunn's River Falls

Dunn's River Falls

One of Jamaica' national treasures, it is the most famous and visited attraction of Ocho Rios. It cascades over rock terraces down a 600-foot-plus cliff to the sea. Tourists can cool off while you walk on the stepping stones under the showers of the waterfall. You can also see the coastline at the top of the waterfall. Aside from that, there's a feast every week where tourists can join and enjoy. This feast features music, dancing and swimming. Read more about Dunn's River Falls »

Coyaba River Garden and Museum

Koi Pond at Coyaba River Gardens and Museum Part of Mahoe Falls Aerial trams at Coyaba River Gardens and Museum

This is a good stop for history and botanical stuffs. Tourists can find the Ysassis Lookout Point which offers a panoramic view of Ocho Rios Bay, and the cruise ship terminals. They can also enjoy the serenity of a genuine water garden, fed by streams that rise on the property. Inside Coyaba River Garden and Museum, tourists can find exquisite Jamaican Spanish architecture, and go to the spectacular Mahoe waterfalls. This attraction also houses a Museum of Island History focusing on the forgotten Taino/Arawak culture of Jamaica’s first inhabitants. Read more about Coyaba River Garden and Museum »

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