Many small, rural communities are plagued by underemployment, violence, alcohol and drugs. These problems evolve into environmental problems when people with few resources must turn to the land for an immediate answer.

Our programs aid local communities by helping residents develop the knowledge and dignity needed to meet their needs without degrading their natural resources.

Individuals matter, too. Part of this program is our eco-tourism guide training. We approach local residents, many of who formerly engaged in poaching, logging and other ecologically destructive activities, and prepare them to be eco-tourism guides. The potential guides learn basic English, the properties of the rainforest and other aspects of customer service and interpretation. As a result, some of our most successful guides have come from local communities, instilling values, pride and a viable economic income for these depressed areas.

We also offer training workshops for women in rural communities, where we give them the tools that will help them obtain economic independence within the course of a couple of years.

Sociological Research

Rainforest Adventures works closely with universities in order to identify the origin of social and environmental problems, as well as their possible solutions. In order for us to succeed, we understand that we must coordinate with community leaders. These leaders, in turn, have shown a great amount of enthusiasm and interest in participating in our programs.

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