Costa Rica Special Events and Incentive Programs

Our park location in the Atlantic side of Costa Rica offers a great place for holding meetings and conventions, and helps you in tailoring your own special event such as wedding celebrations and family tour. We have two locations in Costa Rica where you can hold your conventions and group incentives, one in the Atlantic Side (near San Jose and Limon) and one in the Pacific Side (near Jaco Beach).

Group Incentive Program for Conventions & Corporate Groups

If you have business meetings or looking for incentive programs in Costa Rica, Rainforest Adventures presents vibrant options for corporate groups, celebrating nature, cuisine and culture in the middle of the splendorous forests of Costa Rica.

Tastes Like Color

Tastes Like Color is a magical, culture-filled evening in the middle of our park’s exuberant rainforest. This special event takes place in our Rainforest Restaurant, with beautiful decorations unique to our facilities and featuring different stands and shops found in the authentic markets of Costa Rica, including handicrafts, flowers, herbs, vegetables and fruit.

Rainforest Encounter

Rainforest Encounter is an interactive performance, based on the “awakening” of the rainforest, where a troupe of local actors, dancers and schoolchildren will accompany the tour group throughout the day. In this themed visit to our park (either in Costa Rica Atlantic or Pacific), we have combined, fine artistic presentations, unique local appeal, wild nature and great cuisine to create the most memorable and ultimate experience in the Rain Forest.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt is a special interactive activity which is a fun way to learn about the rainforest as well as a great team-building activity. Complementing our regular tour features, in this activity, the group is divided into different teams, judged by our rainforest explorers, who will accompany them throughout the activity. After being given specific clues, teams go out into the rainforest to solve a scavenger hunt. The winning team receives a prize.

Christmas Bird Count

The annual Christmas Bird Count, sponsored by the Audubon Society, is a joyous day of spotting bird species. More than a hundred ornithologists, tour guides and bird enthusiasts explore the rainforest by foot and through the Costa Rica aerial tram to monitor populations, while also identifying species new to the area. The data helps illustrate the behavior of migrating bird species.

Tailored Events, Weddings & Honeymoons, Family Tours

Outside of the park, local events in the surrounding community warmly welcome residents and visitors alike. Each neighborhood is home to activities both traditional and modern. For over ten years, Mother Nature’s magic and our impressive infrastructure have been delivering exceptional experiences to the most important companies around the globe.

Tailored Events: Rainforest Adventures will help you organize any type of special event in Costa Rica Pacific, coordinating everything from transportation and entertainment to special menus, music and activities, and more. Our park’s bountiful nature and cutting-edge facilities, combined with the expertise of a world-class company, allow us to help you with your events.

Wedding and Honeymoon in Costa Rica: Rainforest Adventures is the perfect place to celebrate your love. You and your guests will enjoy a customized, distinctive experience in our nature preserve, where you can say your vows surrounded by the beauty of Mother Nature. Our team of expert planners will ensure that your wedding is a one-of-a-kind, trouble-free celebration. For couples who share their passion for pristine natural environments, we offer a 2 day / 1 night program where romance and exoticism converge in the heart of a tropical rainforest.

Family Tour - The Colors and Textures of the Tropical Forest: Give your kid/s the chance to learn about nature and her secrets during your family vacation. Through interactive workshops and special tour, we enable you and your family to discover the beauty and excitement of the rainforest.

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