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Rainforest Adventures Costa Rica Pacific (Near Jaco Beach)

National Parks and Nature Reserves

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Costa Rica is a home of protected rain forest wilderness and nature reserves. National parks are built to preserve these natural resources and the diverse flora and fauna. The following are the National Parks and Conservation Areas that aims to save the rainforests of Costa Rica.

Central Pacific Conservation Area
(Área de Conservación Pacífico Central / ACOPAC)

The Central Pacific Conservation Area consists of terrestrial and marine parts, where you can study the tropical ecosystems, their structure, functions, and relationships. In fact, this conservation area is considered as a living laboratory. Also, you can have a very good view of the beautiful Costa Rican beaches as well as watch the monkeys at the Manuel Antonio National Park or see the colorful macaws at the Carara National Park.

Manuel Antonio National Park

Panoramic beach view at Manuel Antonio National Park

Image: One of the beaches at Manuel Antonio National Park

Manuel Antonio National Park is a small biological island within an area involved in different activities such as agriculture, livestock, and significant tourism development. It is located on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica in the Aguirre county, the Province of Puntarenas, 7 kilometers southwest of the city of Quepos, i.e., 157 kilometers south of San José. Read more about Manuel Antonio National Park »

Carara National Park

Geonoma congesta at Carara National Park

Image: Geonoma congesta at Carara National Park (source), photo by Scott Zona, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

Carara National Park is a biological reserve management area, arising as the response to the domestic and regional natural resource conservation needs, a transition forest in the protected wildlife area where you can see dry and rainforest species. This protected wildlife area is considered to be a living laboratory where you can study the structure and functioning of the tropical eco-systems and the relationships between them. Read more about Carara National Park »

Central Volcanic Cordillera Conservation Area
(Área de Conservación Cordillera Volcánica Central / ACCVC)

Central Volcanic Cordillera Conservation Area is an administrative area which aims for the conservation of the flora and fauna in the central part of Costa Rica, notably the volcanic areas of the Cordillera Central mountain range. It contains a number Wildlife refuges and other types of nature reserve. You can find a great density of evergreen forest as well as a great diversity of wildlife as well as over 79 bird species such as the escarchero, hummingbird, and quetzal of Poás Volcano National Park, one of the National Parks within the ACCVC.

Poás Volcano National Park

Poas Volcano National Park

Image: The crater of Poás Volcano (source), taken by Peter Andersen, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

Poás Volcano National Park is a National Park that covers an area of approximately 16,000 acres (65 km²); the summit is 8,900 feet (2,708 m). One of the attractive features about Poás is that you can get all the way to the edge of the crater. The park maintains a variety of wild plant and animal species, such as the Poas Magnolia tree, and Bangs's Mountain Squirrel. It is home to many bird species, including the Clay-colored Robin and the Resplendent Quetzal and varieties of hummingbirds, tanagers, flycatchers and toucans. Read more about Poas Volcano National Park »

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