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Rainforest Adventures Costa Rica Pacific (Near Jaco Beach)

Rainforest Encounter: Theme Party Performance

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The Rainforest Encounter is the best interactive theme party performance based on the “awakening” of the rainforest, a troupe of local actors, dancers and schoolchildren. This special event will accompany the tour group throughout the day. This performance at the Rainforest Adventures Costa Rica Pacific is designed to enhance your rain forest ecotourism experience through modern dance movements and artistic figures. This special event includes the following parts:


At the park’s entrance, local schoolchildren will greet the group with a special poetry reading about the rainforest.

Rainforest Awakening

The park entrance will be the venue, where a group of actors and classically trained dancers dressed in rainforest-related costumes will perform a short presentation based on the awakening of the rainforest. Duration: 3 – 5 minutes

Tower 9

Guests will then participate in one of the most exciting rides in the rainforest. Seated in comfortable gondolas, the Aerial Tram will take its passengers from the ground up to the treetops, offering panoramic views of the rainforest.

When the tram reaches its highest point at Tower 12, it will stop briefly so passengers can marvel at the breathtaking views and enjoy a refreshing tropical drink. Because this excursion does not include a walk through the trails, guests will not have to exit the gondola at this stop.


Upon arrival at our main facilities, guests will be invited to the Rainforest Restaurant, which will be decorated with tropical flower arrangements. A classical string quartet will play in the background as participants enjoy a Deluxe Buffet.

Once dessert is served, guests will be awed by the magical “Butterflies and Raindrops” presentation. In this performance, a storyteller simulates the first movements of the butterfly, weaving a tale about the park’s most cherished creatures. Guests are then invited to make a wish on a live butterfly and release it into the forest.


To make your experience in the rainforest and our peaceful country even more memorable, children will give each visitor a gift and say goodbye while waving small Costa Rican flags.

Lunch Service (Cold menu)

During the lunch services for the guests, Rainforest Adventures Costa Rica Pacific offers this Rainforest Extravaganza Menu:


  • Salad bar (lettuce, tomato, heart of palm, cucumber, avocado) with poppy seeds
  • Cream of Pejibaye soup
  • Herb bread

Main Course:

  • Rice with macadamia nuts
  • Mini vegetables with garlic butter
  • Grilled chicken beast with a delicious passion fruit sauce
  • Grilled turkey in a pineapple sauce
  • Sweet-potato puree


  • Banana cake


  • White and red wine (two glasses per person)
  • Two kinds of tropical juice
  • Water, coffee and tea

Event Summary for Rainforest Encounter, the best Theme Party


Rainforest Adventures Costa Rica Pacific

The Event

This is an enhanced one-day tour of the Rainforest Adventures Costa Rica Pacific. During this exclusive visit, guests will enjoy incredible views of the tropical rainforest from the Aerial Tram. Additionally, they will enjoy a walk along well-groomed trails and will be pleasantly surprised by dancers interpreting nature. Cocktails will be served while participants take in unparalleled views of the forest. A deluxe buffet meal will be served in our Rainforest Restaurant. This event is complemented by an extraordinary dance and theater presentation called “Butterflies and Raindrops.” The show includes a performance by a classical string quartet.


We recommend you arrive at the park by 9 am. The day begins with a visit to the park, including a video presentation, a walking tour and other landmark excursions in the rainforest, such as a gondola ride. These activities will last approximately 3 hours. After the tour, a deluxe lunch will be served to guests while a classical string quartet will provides a delightful background. The show follows, and will close with the release of live butterflies. Each butterfly will carry a participant’s wish! The lunch and show duration is about 3 hours. The group will be ready to leave our park at 3:30 pm.

Event Capacity

Maximum: 100 participants
Minimum: 50 participants

Rainforest Encounter Includes:

  • Entrance fee
  • Expert naturalist guide during your stay in our park
  • Guided hiking tour into the forest
  • A true flight on the Aerial Tram gondolas
  • A dance and theater presentation of the Butterflies
  • Release of live butterflies! Make your wish come true
  • Classical string quartet
  • Decoration and ambiance
  • Tropical flower arrangements
  • Special gift for the whole group
  • Lunch

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