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Costa Rica Pacific


$10 USD Adults

$10 USD Children & Students

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Serpentarium Tours - Snakes and Reptiles Exhibit at Rainforest Adventures Costa Rica Pacific

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» Serpentarium (Snakes and Reptiles Exhibit)

Come for Rainforest Adventures Costa Rica Pacific canopy tour, stay for the snakes!

In our Pacific open-air Serpentarium, a unique eco tour and Costa Rica snakes exhibition deep in the forest, visitors get a close look at 20 species of snakes and reptiles – some for the first time – and learn about the “scariest” reptiles that call Costa Rica home. It’s all in the most unique of ecology tours, in the Serpentarium of Costa Rica Pacific!

Our rainforest tours just wouldn’t be the same without some slither. Pair with the zip line tours and bird watching for a full day of eco-adventures.

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Costa Rica Pacific Serpentarium (Snakes and Reptiles Exhibit)