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Costa Rica Pacific

Family Tour

$100 USD Adults

$105 USD Children

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Rainforest Adventures Costa Rica Pacific (Near Jaco Beach)

Family Tour Package: Costa Rica Rainforest Park Excursions near Jaco Beach

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Buy Rainforest Adventures Costa Rica Pacific Family Tour Tickets Rainforest Adventures offers Costa Rica family tours and child friendly vacations that allow guests of all ages discover and witness the beauty and excitement of the rainforest in one of the best tourist destinations in Central America. Every member of the family will surely enjoy the best excursion at the Costa Rican rain forest near Jaco Beach.

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The Colors and Textures of the Tropical Forest

Give your children an intriguing alternative for your family rainforest tour in Costa Rica and the opportunity to learn about nature and her secrets during your family vacation. Through interactive workshops and special packages, we enable you and your family to discover the beauty and excitement of the rainforest.

This day is full of exotic tropical colors and sensory exploration in the middle of the forest, perfect for family vacations with small children and fun for everyone. Your guide will greet you and "tattoo” you with a safe, washable natural ink that comes from the yellow fruit of a tropical plant.

Your guide will then lead you through the snake exhibition, where you’ll learn about the reptiles and amphibians that inhabit our land. You’ll stop at our Color Station, a small garden of plants and seeds, which your children will use to perform an entertaining experiment.

While you continue with another guide through the Medicinal Plant Garden and the Heliconias Gallery, your children will continue playing in the painting workshop. They can design their own T-shirt with natural dyes, or make their own fossil of exotic leaves. This tour is complemented with a flight through the treetops on the Aerial Tram and a delicious traditional Costa Rican meal for the whole family.

The Family Tour Experience

  • Child-friendly vacation
  • Enjoyable for parents and kids
  • Safe and educational experience
  • Unmatched wilderness views
  • Professionally and safely organized

Important Facts

Suitable for Children: From 3 to 12 years old.

Tour Duration: 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Color and Texture Workshop: Children will work with natural dyes. We provide all materials. The workshop takes place at our garden benches, next to our main building.

What’s included in the One-day family rain forest tour?

  • Specialized naturalist guides, experienced in working with children
  • Visit to the Serpentarium and to the Heliconias Garden
  • Color and Texture Workshop including all materials
  • The child’s piece of art, the painted tropical T-shirt or their painted fossil
  • Aerial Tram tour

Recommended Clothing and Gear

We recommend that you are fully prepared with the following clothing and gears so as to become more comfortable during the tour and to have the best rainforest excursion experience:

  • Light clothes
  • Insect repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Binoculars
  • Camera

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Costa Rica Pacific Family Tours and Rainforest Park Excursions