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Rainforest Adventures Costa Rica Atlantic (Near Limon and San Jose)

Treasure Hunt: A Special Interactive Activity

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Rain Forest Team-Building Activity for Group Incentives, Conventions, and Corporate Groups near San Jose and Limon Areas

Complementing our regular tour features, the Treasure Hunt special interactive activity is a fun way to learn about the rainforest. The group is divided into different teams, judged by our rainforest explorers, who will accompany them throughout the activity. After being given specific clues, teams go out into the rainforest to solve a scavenger hunt. The winning team receives a prize.

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General Description of the Activity

Team work is recognized as the most effective method to motivate the commitment to entrepreneurial objectives, to improve the general performance and increase the productivity. The fact of including a team work event in the unique environment offered by our rain forests will make your general program one that is more attractive and dynamic.

The Rain Forest Aerial Tram – Atlantic that is adjacent to the Braulio Carrillo National Park located very close to the Central Valley. It offers you our 1.2 acres of Rain Forest as the ideal component and environment to get out of the routine and of the everyday life.

Our Search for the Treasure experience offers you this extraordinary opportunity to capitalize the potential of your team work. This event is produced with the goal of developing your strengths in a competitive environment using those natural resources and activities available inside our natural forests.

This novel program is made with the time controlled, with a team of facilitators and arbiters that are in charge of leading the teams to overcome trials that include walks, searching, Tram rides, artistic and motivational activities bringing results that always exceed the expectations of the participating competitors.

The challenges and trials have been carefully designed for everyone to participate regardless of their physical condition. Adventures are interactive and focused to the participation of the crews in a funny and informal environment. This unique combination of physical, mental and emotional work in the middle of the forest has proved that it brings long term positive results that will be reflected in the work and personal performance.

The most common benefits that may be obtained after living this extraordinary experience are as follows:

  • Strengthening and unit of team work
  • Satisfaction due to overcome challenges
  • Learn from the defeat and enjoy from the success
  • Development of leadership
  • Improvement of interpersonal communication
  • Assurance of confidence, responsibility and unit

If the company looks for motivation, resolving conflicts, generating new ideas, strengthening the mission, defining better roles, enjoying or celebrating the success, this is the recommended activity to achieve it. Our programs are successful because we work with you to achieve specific objectives and goals that exactly fit your needs.

Description of the Event


The competitors will be cordially welcomed with a delicious cocktail made of fresh tropical fruits. After a shortwalk to enter into the heart of our forest, they will arrive to the Visitors’ Center. In our premises they will get ready to start the competition. Soon after this, they will meet the group of arbiters and facilitators who will provide instructions and rules to quickly start the competition.

Organization of the Teams

After the instructional speech, we organize the different teams. They will receive distinctive color items such as bracelets, T-shirts or caps chosen by each guest. The number of members of each team will be determined according to the total score of the group.

Elaboration of Banners and War Cry

Each team has to be identified with animal specie that according to its main characteristics would reflect the vigor of the team. Each team should appoint a spokesperson or leader who will represent the team. With materials such as carton, paint and natural elements, the team has to elaborate a banner that will be its distinction during the entire competition. It should also elaborate a war cry accompanied by a short choreography that will show the capacities and energy of the group.

Start the Competition

The ceremony starts in the Main Garden with the presentation of each War Cry and the Banner to the competitions. Here, the general arbiter will give the order to start and the flame of the competition will light. The teams are sworn promising to make their best efforts to defeat the competitors and committing with the members of the team.

Distribution of Riddles

Before each team enters into the Tram, a list of very complicated list of riddles will be distributed. While the team work continues, it may interrupt the tasks to enjoy the beauty of the Rain Forest aboard our Gondolas accompanied by a facilitator who will introduce the competitors to this world of incredible beauty and extraordinary biological diversity found in the Rain Forest - Atlantic. The opened Gondolas have capacity for 6 passengers and the facilitator. Each team will ride through the irregular topography of the forest, the canopy or tree tops at a maximum height of 115 feet.

The team has to unlock the clues and meet the tasks requested when it comes down and it has to deliver the material to the main arbiter and shout the War Cry. Then, the next instructions to reach to Dynamics of the Clues are given.

Dynamics of the Clues

The clues are put in strategic places in the collection in Bocaraca Trail and in the Butterfly Hut. Once the clues are unlocked, each group has to deliver the material to the main arbiter and shout the War Cry. Then, they will receive a copy of the Treasure's Map. There is only one treasure, but many ways to find it. Each group will have one version and it will depend on the team's work to find it.

Search of the Treasure

The map will lead those daring searchers of treasures to the exact place where the treasure is hidden. Each group is important in order to discover the enigma and to make it possible for one group to be the winner.

Our treasure is in some spot of the forest, or in the gardens. During this journey, the world of the rain forest can be observed, as well as the trees hugging ones to the others leaving scarce gaps for light to filtrate. Enjoying the sound of quietude, the facilitator will keep the spirit of competition alive as well as the cohesion of the groups in order to success.

Winners Celebration

The group that can solve the map and find the coffer of the treasure has to bring the booty to the meeting area. The winning group will receive the recognition due to its exceptional performance. Once more the group will shout its War Cry and will receive the medals and will open the coffer. It will be an important celebration time of the entire group after working in teams for having fun, recognize individual qualities and virtues and the importance of the team work.

Celebration Banquette

The teams will be received at the Main Restaurant, decorated and prepared with beautiful tropical flower arrangements. They will delight a delicious lunch or buffet style dinner and then enjoy good and festive music, and why not, dance tropical rhythms in charge of a known national DJ.

We recommend to bring the following:

  • Light clothes
  • Comfortable running shoes
  • A light sweater or raincoat
  • Bugs’ repellent
  • Camera and Binoculars
  • A complete new set of clothes

Event Capacity

  • Minimum: 50 participants

Included Items

  • Ticket for the Rain Forest  Aerial Tram - Atlantic
  • Facilitators, Naturist Guides and the Arbiter for your stay at our Park
  • A real flight through the top of trees in the Tram's Gondolas
  • Logistic organization and the materials of the event
  • Welcome cocktail
  • Buffet lunch or dinner from our menu of the day
  • Natural drinks and water during the search of the treasure
  • Medals for winners and a gigantic chest with candies and chocolates

We also offer

  • Transportation in deluxe buses from San José
  • Digital pictures of the entire group and by teams
  • Film service of the event in DVD

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Contact Rainforest Adventures

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