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Rainforest Adventures Costa Rica Atlantic (Near Limon and San Jose)

Certification for Sustainable Tourism

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Certification for Sustainable Tourism (CST)
Level 5, Costa Rica Tourism Board.

Rainforest Adventures Costa Rica Atlantic has obtained Certification for Sustainable Tourism (CST). Our mission is to raise awareness about the importance of environmental conservation, and part of that goal is remembering our own impact.

The Certification for Sustainable Tourism program evaluates each tourism company based on the degree to which its operations comply to a model of sustainability. In order to meet their criteria our staff is constantly evaluating our physical-biological parameters, service management, interaction with external clients, and relationship with the community.

We hold each of these criteria to the highest importance and are proud to uphold the ideals of Certification for Sustainable Tourism.

Carbon Neutral Certification

Eugenia Solano (General Manager, Rainforest Aerial Tram Costa Rica Atlantic) and Luis Castillo Diego (Operations Manager) holding the Carbon Neutral Certification.

Rainforest Adventures Costa Rica Atlantic was featured in page 63 of the June/July 2012 issue of the Andar de Viaje magazine, featuring the Carbon Neutral Certification of the park, being the first in the Tourism Industry in Costa Rica.

Carbon neutral means that – through a transparent process of calculating emissions, reducing those emissions and offsetting residual emissions – net carbon emissions equal zero.

In 2012, Rainforest Aerial Trams near Limon and San Jose areas becomes the first company in the tourism sector in Costa Rica to be certified as Carbon Neutral, which is granted by the Carbon Unit of the Earth.

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