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Rainforest Adventures Costa Rica Atlantic (Near Limon and San Jose)

Rainforest Encounter: Interactive Performance and Theme Party in Costa Rica near Limon and San Jose

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Rain Forest Theme Party for Group Incentive Programs, Conventions, and Corporate Groups near San Jose and Limon Areas

The Rainforest Encounter is a themed visit to Rainforest Adventures, we have combined, fine artistic presentations, unique local appeal, wild nature and great cuisine to create the most memorable and ultimate experience in the Rain Forest. Visitors will have the opportunity to witness nature in all its splendor and majesty, share with our community school children, look into their dreams and learn about challenging conservation projects sponsored by our foundation, and live the new expressions of live dance and music.

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In this interactive performance, based on the “awakening” of the rainforest, a troupe of local actors, dancers and schoolchildren will accompany the tour group throughout the day. The performance is designed to enhance your experience of the rainforest through modern dance movements and artistic figures. Contact us for more information about the Rainforest Encounter.

The Event

This is an enhanced one-day tour of the Rainforest Adventures Costa Rica Atlantic park. During this exclusive visit, guests will enjoy incredible views of the tropical rainforest from the Aerial Tram. Additionally, they will enjoy a walk along well-groomed trails and will be pleasantly surprised by dancers interpreting nature. Cocktails will be served while participants take in unparalleled views of the forest. A deluxe buffet meal will be served in our Rainforest Restaurant. This event is complemented by an extraordinary dance and theater presentation called “Butterflies and Raindrops.” The show includes a performance by a classical string quartet.


We recommend you arrive at the park by 9 am. The day begins with a visit to the park, including a video presentation, a walking tour and other landmark excursions in the rainforest, such as a gondola ride. These activities will last approximately 3 hours. After the tour, a deluxe lunch will be served to guests while a classical string quartet provides a delightful background. The show follows, and will close with the release of live butterflies. Each butterfly will carry a participant’s wish! The lunch and show duration is about 3 hours. The group will be ready to leave our park at 3:30 pm.

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The Event

Welcome Meeting with Future Generations

Our visitors will be welcomed by our professional and friendly naturalist Guides at our main Park’s Gate. Appropriate facilities are available for a quick stop. Meanwhile our welcome committee formed by our neighbor community school children wearing their school uniforms will break the silence and with enthusiastic excitement will get ready to meet the visitors. During their short presentation they will read a small piece of poetry in English while guests pay very close attention to their words.

Sight Seeing

Once the welcome meeting is over, the visitors will be escorted to the awaiting transportation, to start the sight seeing tour. In this enhanced visit of the Rain Forest Aerial Trams, here knowledgeable and expert guides who will explain in detail interesting aspects of our wonderful Rain Forest will lecture your guests.

Meet Mother Nature

At our point of view located on top of one of our spectacular valley, our storyteller will perform as Mother Nature with inspiring words for the visitors. At the same time, a unique performance starts inspired on the “awakening” of the rainforest. During the performance the artists are incorporated into the woods as they unveil the different animal and insect characters, which cannot be easily recognized inside the deep vegetation until they start to break in with modern dance and artistic movements. Later our visitors will enjoy the ride along well-groomed pathways to our main visitors center.

Rain Forest Signature Ride

Our Gondola Naturalist Guides will greet guests at the boarding station and participate with them in our exciting signature ride. At this moment, tropical fruit cold K-bobs will be passed by attentive waiters. Our ride is an ecstasy of the worlds most researched nature wonders, where the incredible views of the tropical rainforest will show every layer possible: from the ground level get a close glimpse of the creeks and spring waterfalls. At the mid level the immense tree branches, bird nests and exotic orchids and bromeliads. At the Canopy or higher level, larger bird species, fruits and blossoms. Maybe the most incredible part of the visit will be when the Gondola reaches one of the higher elevations. From this summit; visitors witness the grandeur and magnificence of the pristine Tropical Rain Forest, the huge centennial trees and perfect balance encountered in nature. During the 1-hour ride guests will be lectured in interesting facts and information of the plant and animal species observed.

When the tram reaches its half way, it will stop briefly in order to allow our guests to observe in calm the beauty surrounding them. White gloved waiters will hand out refreshing non-alcoholic cocktails. Guests will stay at the gondola during the length of this stop, since this excursion ahead still has many surprises to unveil.

Butterflies & Raindrops Luncheon or Dinner

Upon arrival at the boarding station, guests will be invited to join the Rain Forest Restaurant, which will be decorated with tropical flower arrangements on the tables. A classical string quartet will play in the background as participants enjoy a Deluxe Buffet.

Once dessert is served, guests will be surprised by the "Butterflies and Raindrops" show. This is a surprising dance and theater presentation where our storyteller will enthrall the group as she emerges from a nest, our dancers perform a simulation of the first steps and movements of the butterfly, one of our park's cherished treasures. This magical tale, that evokes the myth when humans where converted into butterflies, is illustrated by our performers dancing in the dinning area with rare butterfly costumes.

At the end or the show, the storyteller liberates live butterflies free in the forest, while our performers distribute among your guests live butter!ies. Each person will make a wish, blow life onto the butterfly and release it into the Rain Forest.

Hasta Luego

In order to make your guests’ experience in the rainforest and our peaceful country even more memorable, our school children will give each visitor a small token to keep as a memento for this Rain Forest Encounter, later they will say goodbye while waving small Costa Rican flags.


Our group of actors and classically trained dancers will specially perform for the group. They are wearing costumes inspired in the rainforest and will go together with the group in the course of their visit, including the lunch (or dinner) period presenting different mini-shows.



  • Salad bar (lettuce, tomato, hearts of palm, cucumber, avocado) with Dressings
  • Cream of three mushroom soup
  • Home made bread with Herbs and Grissini

Main Course

  • Saffron Rice with macadamia nuts
  • Mini vegetables with garlic butter
  • Grilled chicken breast with a delicate passion fruit sauce
  • Grilled Tilapia in wild herb sauce
  • Sweet-potato puree


  • Banana Delight Cake


  • White and red house wine (two glasses per person)
  • Two kinds of tropical juices
  • Water, coffee and tea

More Event Details

Event Capacity

  • Maximum: 150 participants
  • Minimum: 50 participants

Rainforest Encounter Event Includes

  • Park entrance fee
  • Expert naturalist guides during all visits and on each Gondola
  • Welcome non-alcoholic cocktail & Fruit Ke
  • Signature Aerial Tram Ride
  • Organization, audio visual equipment and logistics
  • Selected Menu
  • All dance and theater presentation described
  • Release of live butterflies
  • Classical string quartet
  • Decoration and ambiance with tropical flower arrangements at the Restaurant
  • Special gift (Token)

Contact Us

Contact Rainforest AdventuresFor more info about the Rain Forest Encounter for Incentives, Conventions, and Corporate Groups, you can send us an email at the following email addresses:

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