Costa Rica Pacific Waterfall Climbing Tour

Costa Rica Waterfall Climbing Tour

Waterfall Climbing + Zip Lining in one tour!

Now you can enjoy one of the most amazing experiences around. Rainforest Adventures Costa Rica Pacific Park offers the exciting and rejuvenating tropical Waterfall Climbing within the Costa Rica Pacific Rainforest. Defy yourself as you face up an incredible 164 feet water current running down your whole body while you try to climb a nearly vertical downstream. With just the help of a safety harness and a rope use your very hands and feet to reach the top completely wet to the bones.

“That’s the way of feeling truly alive for once”, someone said. And you may be sure of it. But it doesn’t conclude there. As you get to the top, you will find a moment of peace by flying trough the air on two different zip lines to a hanging-platform. Then, as your body goes back to serenity you’ll visit a wonderful snake exhibition to recover your full relaxation mood in the middle of the forest.

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The Costa Rica Pacific Waterfall Climbing Tour includes:

  • Expert naturalist bilingual guide during your visit
  • Equipments
  • Waterfall Climbing
  • Zip Lines
  • Natural guided trail walking
  • Serpentarium (snakes and reptiles exhibit)

The goal is to climb up the waterfall, utilizing safety harness and equipment, against the rapid flowing water, and reach the platform. Upon reaching the platform on top of the waterfall, the guests will then proceed on zip lining to the platform on the other end.

Tour Schedule:

  • 10:00 AM


Adults / Students / Children: $60.00 USD