Sustainability of the Rain Forests in Costa Rica, Preservation, and Conservation Programs

Rainforest Adventures in Costa Rica Pacific supports the rain forest sustainability, and exerts a lot of conservation effort to help with saving the tropical rain forests in Costa Rica. Below are the programs that the Rainforest Adventures park executes for the preservation of the natural resources:

  • The Rain Forest Aerial Trams respects the Wildlife Conservation Law 7317, which enforces the regulation of biodiversity and stipulates aspects related to trading of species or products from flora and fauna
  • All our naturalist guides and teams are aware of the relevance of keeping the forest in its natural condition with minimum alteration that could break the ecosystem’s cycle
  • We promote this culture through the tour guides in a way that each visitor to the Park understands the importance of keeping the forest in its natural condition, which means avoiding taking out the flora and fauna or feeding fauna
  • Lodge is located on 475 acres of protected and preserved area. Under no circumstance can the extraction of any type of plant, flower, tree or wild animal occur because the forest plays a principal role in climate regulation and contains more than half of the planet’s biodiversity
  • During the building of our Lodge, we studied the best ways to maximize the performance of the natural light to avoid high consumptions of electricity for lack illumination
  • Use of low consumption bulbs – slightly more expensive but last considerably longer than traditional lighting
  • Use of only white fluorescent light in lodge, which saves power and helps to minimize disturbance in the forest ecosystems
  • Starting at 8:30 p.m., the electric power plant is stopped as a way to encourage our guests to enjoy a peaceful rest
  • Avoided dark colored walls and ceiling when constructed because they absorb natural light and increase need for artificial light
  • Work to clean screens and allow more natural light in
  • For common areas, motion detector lights are used to avoid unnecessary lighting
  • Park plants trees as often as possible – a single tree will absorb approximately one ton of carbon dioxide during its lifetime
  • Save water when watering the garden because gardens are planted with autochthonous plants (these require less water than more exotic plants) and also attract butterflies.
  • Allow grass to grow longer than normal before cutting- water evaporation is avoided and less water will be required for watering
  • Water used to wash vegetables is used for other purposes, such as watering plants and washing floors (not used for human consumption)
  • Do not allow tap to drop while washing dishes- saves over 35,000 liters of water per year
  • Use of efficient shower heads - need just half of water and power than regular shower heads
  • Use the laundry machine with low temperature programs only - ninety percent of the energy consumed is used for heating water
  • Always wash with a full load, clean filter and turn it on at night tariffs
  • Do not use phosphate washing – highly polluting and once it reaches river water, it causes algae growth, which takes the oxygen required for fish

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