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Alan Parsons at Rainforest Adventures

"We had a great time. The guides were great and were wise, well looked after and felt very safe. Thanks."

Alan Parsons at Rainforest Adventures in Costa Rica

Comments from our Visitors

Check out what our visitors and tourists have to say about Rainforest Adventures Costa Rica Atlantic! You can read them here at this page. Keep on reading below and discover the comments and testimonials of our guests on each of our eco-tourism park location close to the Limon and San Jose Areas.

  • "I recently visited the rain forest in Costa Rica. It is the most amazing place. I plan to go back for another visit."
    - Gayle H.
  • "I really enjoyed my trip to the tropical rain forest in San Jose, Costa Rica and look forward to do so again. I found the guides Jaime & Omar to be very knowledgeable of their jobs."
    - Jose M.
  • "In Costa Rica I did a lot of things. I remember clearly the days we went on to the Rainforest Adventure. As we got there we had to get the tickets and meet our tour guide Fernando. We all went on the Aerial Tram which was scary and very fun. I learned about different plants and animals that live in the rain forest. I also saw the monkey ladder that was a curly and twisted vine. Fernando explained that it is used by diabetics. When the tour was finished we took a cool photo finish. We then took the short walk through the bottom of the rainforest and I saw a small poisonous snake.
    Then we went to zip line on the canopy. It started raining really hard so my parents decided to leave and come back on Thursday. I was sad to leave but on Thursday I was so excited.  The first line was scary. I was zipping so fast on the line over the trees and river, but then I overcame my fears and enjoyed every moment. At the end of the day I said I had the most wonderfulness day in Costa Rica.  I hope I come back to the Rainforest Adventure soon."
    - Kosey W. (Age 9)
  • "We had a wonderful time trekking on 7/24/11.  Marvin and Victor were a great team.  The webpage description was well done. I would suggest that the description add statement that the guides wear knee-high rubber boots, and those or water proof boots are needed.  This was the best part of my trip to Costa Rica.  Thank you for making the rainforest accessible and a treasure worth preserving.  The food was fantastic.  We definitely needed the swim in the river before the strenuous climb back up.  Marvin explained all the plants and animals to us. Thanks too for answering our questions before and allowing us to pdf the reservation form to you, rather than fax. We had a great experience.  Please keep up the good work."
    - John D.
  • "I had a very nice zipline tour. It was funny and warm. The long zip-line distances were the most funny ones. We had very nice and good guides. Near the reception we saw a sloth, which scratched its skin/hair all the time. It was pretty. We had a really good time."
    - Annika L.
  • "I think it's the best zipline I have tried in my life. Our guide Dennis was super good. It was funny and we learned about some medicin-plants, and many other things. we saw a lizard, it was brown and it was the days animal.
    "The same day on the way home we saw a sloth in one of the trees by the reception. Wow the bull ant was big and cool.
    "There was a nice suvenir-shop and there were many nice things."
    - Felix L.

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