Nearby Port: Puerto Limon

Puerto Limon is Costa Rica’s main port on the Caribbean, and it is the capital of Limon Province. Brought from Jamaica in the 19th Century to build the rail line to San Jose from Puerto Limon, most of Costa Rica’s African descendants live in the province. Mekatelyu speakers, or Limonese creole, also live here.

Tourists from around the world come to Puerto Limon every autumn to participate in the fall festival commemorating Columbus’ first anchorage here in 1502. About 76 thousand people live in the Puerto Limon area.

Puerto Limon Shore Excursions

Following are the cruise ships that are dropping anchors at Puerto Limon:

Cruise: Princess Cruises
Ships: Coral Princess, Island Princess

Cruise: Holland America Line
Ships: Zuiderdam, Prinsendam

Cruise: Celebrity Cruises
Ships: Equinox

Cruise: Carnival Cruises
Ships: Carnival Freedom, Carnival Triumph, Carnival Pride

Cruise: Thomson Cruises
Ships: Thomson Dream

Cruise: Carnival UK
Ships: Queen Elizabeth, Queen Victoria

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