Costa Rica Atlantic Canopy Zip Line

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Canopy Zip Line in Costa Rica Atlantic

Near Limon and San Jose

Visit Costa Rica’s safest zip line canopy tour and effortlessly traverse the canopy and its hanging gardens under the supervision of our experienced guides. The exhilarating tour takes you flying across the magnificent Molinete River several times.

The canopy zip line tour at the Rainforest Adventure Costa Rica Atlantic, one of the most popular attractions in Costa Rica, consists of 10 zip lines with 14 platforms in between stretches of rainforest. The first cable starts from a ground platform and stretches 80 meters across Molinete River onto a Caobilla tree platform 12 meters above ground. From there, a 140-meter cable runs across the river and over an island, ending at the base of a ridge to a ground platform. Guests walk to the next cable on a gigantic tree known as Tostado, a very rare local species. Once atop this tree platform, a 90-meter cable takes guests to another Caobilla tree located at the edge of the river, while another cable brings them back to land.

Adrena-Line 700-meter Zip Line (Superman Cable)

Rain Forest Adventures Costa Rica Atlantic recently debuted its new Adrena-Line 700-meter zip line, a gripping addition to the park’s famed zip line course.

Also known as the Superman cable, the Adrena-Line packs a punch of speed and adventure, as riders soar 700 meters SUPERMAN STYLE through the Costa Rica rainforest canopy. The Adrena-Line can be combined with the park’s entire circuit of 10 zip line cables, or just the last three lines for a shorter trip.

Live the unique experience of Adrena-Line, the longest zip line cable close to San Jose. Feel your heart racing as you approach the first platform to start the 700 mts. trip through the rainforest above 60 mts. of height. Fly at 55km/h while you enjoy the surrounding environment.

Day in the Costa Rica Zip Line and Canopy Tour

Check out these Costa Rica canopy zip lining tours experience:

  • Unsurpassed evergreen forest views
  • Pathways leading into the forest for nature walks or hiking
  • Specialized gear
  • Experienced guides
  • An excellent option for families and groups
  • Costa Rica Atlantic Birding Tour

Canopy Zip Line Schedules:

  • 7:30 AM
  • 10:30 AM
  • 2:00 PM

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