Costa Rica Butterfly and Frog Garden

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Enter our Butterfly and Frog Garden tour at Rainforest Adventures Costa Rica Atlantic and take a stroll through these beautiful creatures’ natural habitat.

Part of Costa Rica Atlantic breathtaking ecology tours, the Butterfly and Frog open-air garden is a large space sheltered by an invisible net. In this Costa Rica rainforest tour, let yourself explore the countless species of butterflies and frogs of the garden, as our expert guides take you through a walk amongst nature’s collage of colors and creatures. Look closely, and you might see a butterfly emerging from its cocoon just in time for it to fly by you, leaving a trace of color in your path and a smile on your face!

Butterflies in Costa Rica

Immerse yourself in the forest, discovering the magnificent blue morpho’s iridescent kingdom. Our most serene and magical of Costa Rica Rainforest Tours.

Frogs in Costa Rica

Not to be outdone, their froggy friends bring out their best colors to impress curious visitors, who will learn scientific and common names of creatures such as the famous blue jeans, red-eyed and black-and-green frogs.

Natural Environment

Our vast collection provides visitors with many opportunities to see frogs and butterflies in a controlled, natural environment covering 200 m (2,150 square feet). An expert naturalist guide is always at hand – ensuring that all your rainforest adventures are unforgettable.


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