Costa Rica Atlantic Park Facilities and Amenities

Rainforest Adventures Costa Rica Atlantic is fully featured with lodging and park facilities and amenities for a truly unforgettable rain forest park excursion. All buildings and restrooms are wheelchair accessible. And although the entrance to the park is down a dirt road, four-wheel-drive vehicles are not necessary.

Parking and Welcome Area

We have a wide and secure parking and welcome area for our visitors, with capacity for 100 automobiles and 10 large buses. The park provides restrooms, welcome lounge and boarding station for the tractor-coach transfer to the visitors’ area, adding comfort to the rainforest excursion experience of our visitors.

All buildings and restrooms are wheelchair accessible. Although the entrance to the park is down a dirt road, four-wheel-drive vehicles are not necessary.

Rainforest Aerial Tram Restaurant

Rainforest Aerial Tram Restaurant

For your convenience, we offer a coffee shop selling cold drinks and snacks including pastries, fruit, and sandwiches in our Rainforest Aerial Tram Restaurant. Getting hungry is not a problem at Rainforest Adventures. We serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a special restaurant, with a seating capacity of 120 guests and has a set menu. Private lunches can also be arranged; check our options for group incentives and theme dinners for a more exciting rain forest tour in one of the coolest destinations in Central America.

Rainforest Gift Shop and Souvenir Items

Rainforest Gift Shop

Our gift shop features a full line of quality outdoor gear, natural history books, t-shirts and more. Check out our gift shop and have a look at the gifts and souvenirs for you to buy and take as a remembrance or send as a keepsafe and remind you of your unforgettable rainforest ecotourism experience with us. At our gift shop, we offer a wide selection of signature arts and crafts, books, export coffee and logo gear.

Information Center and Video Room

At Rainforest Adventures Costa Rica Atlantic, there's an information center and video room that offer a perfect place for you to learn more about the tropical rain forests. Educational multimedia presentations and lectures about the rainforest, environmental issues, protection efforts and new canopy research discoveries can be arranged on demand.

The treetop tour is narrated in Spanish or English; other languages are available when reserved in advance.

At Rainforest Adventures, the forest, not walls, surrounds our video room, which is perfect for gathering participants together and introducing them to our project with our informational video.

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