Rainforest Adventures aims to promote environmental consciousness and conservation awareness while striving to provide world-class eco tourism featuring the rain forest aerial tram.

Featuring locations in the coolest destinations in Central America and the Caribbean -- two in Costa Rica (in the Pacific side, near Jaco Beach and in the Atlantic side, near San Jose), one in St. Lucia, plus the thrilling Mystic Mountain Jamaica, Rainforest Adventures invite travelers to bond with nature like never before. And with the newest addition, the tours operated by Panama Excursions, the tourists’ experience in Central America, and in the Caribbean, is on a higher level.

Our Rainforest Adventures Park Locations

Key Statistics

  • Four parks
  • One Tour Operation
  • Four countries
  • More than 20 years of experience
  • Bird watching tours and eco tour programs
  • Rainforest tours, including unique canopy zip line and trekking explorations
  • Family tour vacation excursions
  • Approximately 200,000 visitors experience our Eco-Parks every year
  • Partnerships with 19 different cruise lines
  • We own 1,627 acres of rain forest and protect another 1,000 acres
  • Protecting more than 950 species of birds, showcased in bird tours
  • Protecting more than 2,000 kinds of exotic plants
  • Employing more than 150 local guides, over 400 people in our total organization

Why Visit Rainforest Adventures?

Make your vacation more exciting with our rainforest canopy tours. Book a discounted tour on the coolest destinations in Central America and the Caribbean for you to enjoy the unique rainforest excursion experience and eco adventure. Get discounts on all online booking purchases!

At Rainforest Adventures, we help tourists and visitors learn more about the tropical environment and ecosystem through fun and educational excursions: from the most thrilling and safest canopy zip lines to the exciting aerial tram and jungle trekking tours. We make the rainforest accessible for everybody, and for the entire family. We provide options for easy transfer from popular hotel areas. And we also host events, theme parties, and incentive programs for corporate groups, meetings, and conventions.

 Activities and Things to Do in the Rainforest:

  • Soar high above the trees while you ride on our aerial tram gondolas.
  • Zip through the fast, exhilarating, and one of the Caribbean's coolest canopy zip line tours and activities among the trees.
  • Take a leisure hike on the nature trails within the rich tropical ecosystem of our unique and distinct park locations in St. Lucia, Jamaica, and in Costa Rica, both in the Pacific and Atlantic coast.
  • Have a ride on the exciting gravity-propelled bobsled in Mystic Mountain Jamaica.
  • Find the best city tours operation with Panama Excursions.
  • And enjoy exciting activities like waterfall climbing, bird watching, rappelling, and so much more!

Mission and Vision

Rainforest Adventures aims to protect the tropical rain forests while offering world-class ecotourism and nature excursion.

“We promote environmental consciousness and conserve endangered natural resources through innovative educational experiences in order to create a world-class sustainable tourism experience.”

Rainforest Adventures Foundation

Rainforest Adventures is in the process of creating The Rainforest Adventures Foundation. Our goal is to promote activities both on our Aerial Tram locations and within neighboring communities that foster leadership that advocates a society that lives harmoniously with the environment, while still taking into consideration economic and cultural differences.

The foundation will be made up of creative, informed leaders ready to implement the practice of sustainable development into their communities. As a result, more people are earning living wages by changing their business practices. The lumberjack-turned-conservationist isn’t the exception in our communities; it’s the norm. It’s all part of a human and social transformation that focuses on ecological preservation as an integral component of a sustainable and equitable society. It’s about respect for all forms of life, human and otherwise.

Our first planned fund-raising project will be the Save the Rainforest Green Wristband.

Save the Rainforest Green Wristband

The Rainforest Adventures Foundation believes the key to long-term conservation of the rainforest resides on its sustainable use and the education about its importance (specifically among those living in or near the rainforests). Through sustainable use of the resources in the rainforest, local communities will be able to extract value from those rainforests while preserving them. A majority of the use of funds of the campaign will be destined to the rainforest’s sustainability as explained subsequently.

Through the sales of Save the Rainforest wristbands and future additional merchandise, the Rainforest Adventures Foundation hopes to create consciousness and raise funds in order to support four key objectives:

  1. Funding of Research Projects that promote a sustainable use of the rainforest: Twenty five percent (25%) of the money raised will be used to fund research project that explore sustainable uses of the Rainforest.
  2. Funding of Development Projects that promote a sustainable use of the rainforest: Twenty five percent (25%) of the funds will be directed to companies (for and not-for profit) as well as Non-Governmental Organizations that utilize the Rainforest in a sustainable manner as part of their business model. Examples of these are sustainable farming and several ecotourism projects.
  3. Educational campaigns: Twenty five percent (25%) of the funds will be targeted to educational projects that teach children and adults how to conserve rainforests or exploit them in a sustainable manner.
  4. Acquisition of Rainforest Lands: Twenty five percent (25%) of the funds will be used to acquire critical plots of land with the objective of preserving them. Specifically, we will focus on lands that share a border with National Parks, with the intention of using the newly acquired lands to serve as a buffer zone between the parks and developments (farming, lodging, real estate) in their vicinity.
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