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Special Events and Celebrations

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Rainforest Adventures makes the ideal setting for special events, from weddings, theme parties, outdoor concerts to community fundraisers, seminars, and group incentive programs.

Special Events in Costa Rica Atlantic

Our park location in the Atlantic side of Costa Rica offers a great place for holding meetings and conventions, and helps you in tailoring your own special event such as wedding celebrations and family tour. Other special events include the Rainforest Encounter, an interactive performance based on the "awakening" of the rainforest, the Tastes Like Color, a magical, culture-filled food-tasting evening, and the Treasure Hunt, an interactive and fun way to learn about the rainforest. Click here to find out more »

Special Events in Costa Rica Pacific

Join the excitement with the Treasure Hunt Adventure and the Rainforest Encounter which is the Best Theme Party Performance at Rainforest Adventures Costa Rica Pacific. The park is also a great place for tailored events, meetings and conventions. Click here to find out more »

Special Events in Jamaica

Have a romantic wedding celebration in Jamaica with the "I Do" at 700 feet, and enjoy the evening entertainment package for all park attractions with our "After Glow", available on Friday and Saturday nights. Click here to find out more »

Special Events in St. Lucia

Night time is the Zip Time at Rainforest Adventures in St. Lucia. Enjoy the thrill under the moonlight with the new Adrena Luna zip line night program. Click here to find out more »